Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Minnesota Weather

If you have never been to the midwest in the summer, let me give you a complete weather report for one week.

Monday: Clear skies with a few cumulus clouds floating dreamily in front of a beautiful blue backdrop. High is 77 degrees, all day.

Tuesday: Windy and cold, high in the 50’s. Chance for severe thunderstorms which turn into tornadoes. 37 tornadoes touch down within 45 miles of where all the trailers are parked.

Wednesday: Day is overcast with cumulus clouds that are dimmed by the humidity hanging in the air. Muggy, with the high in the low 80’s. No wind. No breeze. Extremely still. Mosquitoes feast on every part of exposed skin. Deer flies buzz around freshly washed hair and finally nestle behind the ears. The sharp bite results in a swat, so they move to the exposed area around the ankles.

Thursday: Charcoal gray dark clouds threaten rain all day with patches of blue sky trying to peek through, slight breeze, high in the 60’s. It never rains.

Friday: Black clouds circle the horizon. Dark clouds float through the air in the east at 30 miles an hour. The clouds dump rain from buckets for 30 minutes, then are blown to the south. The sun comes out and dries up all the rain. Then the itsy bitsy spider...oops - wrong story. The skies clear and present a beautiful rainbow - then more dark clouds move in.

Saturday: Clear skies, slight breeze, high is 75, which feels like 82. Kids and families are at the beach splashing in the lake water.

Sunday: Cold front dips in from Canada. High is in the 60’s and low is 48.

The Minnesota weather goddess shakes her 8 ball again to see what the next week will bring.

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