Thursday, October 8, 2015

She Grew a Garden of Life

She was barely visible to the eye
Growing on the barren tree…a tiny bud
Protected tightly in green layers….a sign of new life.

She was nurtured by the love of two
First loves of her life…ones who knew her best
Rain and sun…father and mother…sustenance of life.

She burst forth into a blossom
Discovering another love…her mate
Wind and air…husband and lover…breath of life.

She unfolded her petals to give birth
Loving unconditionally the new little bud
Sunshine…a child…blossoming from her love of life.

She spread her leaves beyond the grove
Forming friendships of sisterhood
Wrapped with the sun’s warmth…enhancing her life.

She lost her blooms…they fell to the soil
Scattering her love across the garden
By the wind…nurturing other young buds…full of life.

She disappeared from sight
Trailing after her a colorful aura

Beautiful flowers that had been touched by her life.

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