Saturday, June 2, 2018

Lake Time; Two Views

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer - in most places. Right now in Lake Country, Minnesota, it's 60 degrees, cloudy, with an 20% chance rain, 80% humidity, and 20 mph wind. The clouds have been dribbling wet stuff all day, and I don my parka and gloves to walk the dog. It's pretty much Desert, Arizona's winter - minus the rain and humidity. Summer is imminent.

Ahhh, lake country in the summer. Time for boats, swimming, floating, paddle boarding, water skiing, and relaxing - for some people. Husband and I have a home in lake country; we have a boat, and enjoy being close to some 50 lakes, but we have differing views of enjoying the water.

My view is cruising on a 30 foot pontoon, a glass of wine in hand, admiring the lake homes of the 1% - where the white canopies are set up, music crooning to the latest light rock, and party goers dressed in white linen. For snacks we savor bruschetta, drizzled with olive oil on smoked salmon and capers; goat cheese stuffed with bacon and basil; and wood-fried spinach dip. Pair that with a Russian Valley red Cabernet Sauvignon and cozy down on the leather seats to enjoy the sunset.

My husband's view is getting up at 5:30, packing peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and hooking up the 17 foot outdoor /indoor motor boat to the long-bed pickup. We putt putt through the bulrushes to the best walleye hole and cast our lines. The sky is cloudy, the wind is brisk, and the peanuts and bottled water satisfy my breakfast hunger. We brought home a basket of 3 sunfish and 1 bass.

Ahhh, summer in lake country. Choose your view.

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