Friday, March 13, 2015

How Did Lonnie the Loon Find His Home?

I’m a walker. I used to power walk 5 miles a day until I tore the meniscus in my left knee - very painful. I scheduled surgery, but chickened out, and now my knee is fine. It’s not really fine, but if I don’t climb the steps to the top in the Washington Monument - and be sure to walk in a straight line – my knee does not hurt. Now I walk with my yellow lab, Larry, who keeps me upright.

I walk to clear my head, enjoy nature, and think profound thoughts. Occasionally I will have an Ah-Ha moment and hurry home to get the thoughts on paper - or pound out on the computer.

One day in Minnesota, our summer home, Hubby, daughter, and I were out for a walk - the kind of walk that takes us through a wooded area by a lake. We started conjecturing what kind of animal lives in the various natural homesteads we saw. Ah-Ha! What if Lonnie wants to live in other animals’ homes? After all, he is a curious loon.

I researched what kinds of critters would build nests and/or wooded homes around lakes and came up with eagles, muskrats, and beavers. Lonnie decides he wants to live in these homes, and tells his mother why. However, his mother informs him reasons why he can’t.

Lonnie the Loon Finds His Home would be a terrific book to read to a pre-school or first-grade class. After reading the book out loud, the students could discuss what kinds of homes different types of animals live in. I even have coloring pages for the students. I read my book to a pre-school class, and they loved it.

My next step is to create a lesson plan and find an elementary school that will have me as a guest author. Fun times ahead.

Excuse me while I go on another walk to produce more Ah-Ha moments.

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