Monday, March 2, 2015

My Window

I have a confession to make. This window is not mine. This window belonged to a friend who owned a beautiful home on Pelican Lake near Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. He has since sold this house, along with the window, and moved to Florida. I’m certain he doesn’t have a window that looks like this in Florida. Too bad he couldn’t have taken it with him. But I have it now – at least in a picture on my blog.

If I could choose a window for my very own, this is the window I would choose. It faces West, so I can watch the sun set and cast its gold reflections across the lake to the window that doesn’t belong to me. Which is precisely what I did – watch the sun set while my friend grilled steaks on his Big Green Egg – on the porch – next to the window!

When I started writing my blog, I wanted a catchy title that exemplifies what I’m all about. Sometimes my viewpoint on everyday events is a little wacky, distorted, possibly a little snarky, so that’s where I came up with the word view – “A View…

…From My Window.” I love windows. I pull the shades up in the morning to let the sunshine in. I open the windows at night to let fresh air in. I watch the birds. I look at the moon. I listen to coyotes howl. I spy on neighbors.

Not everyone likes windows. My brother, for example, lives in a cave. He doesn’t open his curtains at all. When I visit him, the first thing I do when I get up is open his curtains. One morning I discovered snow on the ground. That evening before we went to bed, my brother told me, “Don’t forget to close the windows.” So we can hibernate – in his cave.

Some day I will have my very own window that faces West so I can watch the sun set every evening. But until then, I’m glad I adopted this window.

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